Hold Onto Your Hats ‘Cause Jules Is Headed Back To Married At First Sight

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Big change!

It's been a hot minute since MAFS has been off the air. While we're glad to have literal hours back of free time - wow, that show was on most nights of the week wasn't it? - we have to admit, it's left a gap in our lives.

But worry no more 'cause it seems the show will be back before we know it; they've even figuring out a lineup according to Woman's Day

And that lineup may just include season six contestant Jules Robinson as a member of the expert panel.

The alleged  shake-up comes after a change.org petition - with 68K signatures - calling for an apology or sacking of panelist Mel Schilling after she "lashed out" at Bronson for inappropriate conduct, while Ines got off scot-free.

With all the hullabaloo, it's not completely out of the blue that producers would consider a change.

Enter: Jules.

A supposed friend of the former contestant has told Woman's Day that while Jules is not an 'expert' at relationships - outside of having a successful one - she is very "self aware".

"Jules is very self-aware and knows how much the public love them, so she'll happily use that to her advantage," says the friend.

"An ideal situation for her would be appearing on TV… be it guest appearances or full-time, she's ready for it."

TBH... we don't hate it. So, stay tuned.

Image: Instagram / Jules Robinson


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Written By Ally Parker

"There’s no question they’re together.”

"She is a manipulator and it is time I tell her how it is."