MAFS Star Michael's Living Location Is Confusing The Hell Out Of Everybody

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Does this mean he's moved for Martha?!

Married At First Sight is coming to an end. 

We finally found out who will continue their journey together and who gave a massive farewell to the experiment. 

But being the avid reality TV viewers that we are, we know not everything is as it seems. 

Michael Brunelli promised he'd move to Sydney's Bondi to be with 'wife' Martha Kalifatidis during their final vow ceremony on Monday (filmed back in December). But after a quick stalk on the socials earlier today and it appeared he was still living in Melbourne. Both his Instagram and Facebook account listed Melbourne as his current location. 

But then we double checked, AND HE'S CHANGED HIS LOCATION! 

His Instagram now says he lives in Bondi and his Facebook, weirdly, says he’s in Carefree, Arizona.

What are you trying to do to us Brunelli? We are committed viewers and entitled to the truth!

But, just to add more fuel to the fire, Martha revealed to Nova’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny that she’s living in Bundoora, Melbourne!

Martha says she’s been living in Melbourne since the end of filming but she’s not happy about it:

“I hate Melbourne with a passion.

“I shouldn't say that.

I don't feel inspired there. I love Sydney because I've got the beach right at my feet. I'm in Melbourne because… I don’t know.” 

Martha made it pretty clear she was not keen to give long distance a go:

"I worry that if I was to commit to you now, we would only find ourselves heartbroken down the track.

"The distance between us will cause problems. I worry that without you by my side I will lose sight of you and become distracted by my busy and unpredictable life."

But Michael reassured Martha he was willing to do anything for her:

"I am willing to give up everything I have to relocate for you. And there's only one reason that I feel the way I do about you, and that's because I love you."


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Written By Christina Cavaleri