MAFS star Mel plays Two Truths, One Lie and no, you won't pick it

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Legit tough.

We've played many a game here at Nova. 

Sometimes it's cheeky, sometimes it's a classic throwback to our childhood and sometimes it's literally just a personal game of 'Will I cave and get hot chips for lunch again?'.

Most recently however, we've dabbled in a little something called Two Truths, One Lie. 

And who better to give it a red hot go than Mel from this season of Married At First Sight? 

We asked Mel to tell us two truths and one lie to see if we could pick the fake and she did NOT disappoint:

So which is the lie?

1. Not showering for 19 days

2. Winning $10,000

3. Representing Australia as a gymnast

Bart Simpson drumroll

Mel did not represent Australia in gymnastics!

Which leaves a whole other area yet to be explained aka GIRL! Why didn't you shower for 19 days?

The reality TV contestant has revealed to Nova that yes, she didn't shower for a while but it was for a good reason: to win that $10K. 

"It was for a competition," she explained.

"We sat and watched the last episode of Seinfeld 24-hours a day. You had to sleep sitting up and weren't allowed to leave to shower."

It all paid off though, with a then 18-year-old Mel taking home to prize of $10,000 which she spent on travel.

TBH? Totally worth it.

Image: Instagram / MAFS

Written By Ally Parker

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