MAFS star Ines reveals REAL reason behind screaming boat scene

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"I guess it’s just too much for them,”

If you've been watching Married At First Sight this season you'll know a few things to be inextricably true: 

1. Elizabeth is providing more comic relief than we first anticipated

2. Reheating pizza in the toaster is apparently a thing

3. Ines is perhaps not the best at filtering herself

And it's that third point where we have just bucketloads of questions (mainly 'cause the pizza thing seems self explanatory).

Thankfully, Ines - whose last name is honestly just amazing - has spoken to 9Honey's Talking Married to share a little more info on one of her least filtered moments aka That Boat Scene with 'hubby' Bronson Norrish.

“I’m not like this evil monster — I just want what I want in life, and I guess maybe people … I don’t know, I guess it’s just too much for them,” Ines told 9Honey about her outbursts.

“There are some times where I definitely, you know, could have approached the situation a lot differently, like when I was screaming at Bronson on the boat,” she added,

Ines also explained she’d been triggered by a joke Bronson had made about people dying in parasailing accidents.

“I don’t think Bronson was aware of the fact that I had a really bad experience in Mexico when I went parasailing,” Ines said. “We were dropped just in the middle of the ocean. So me entering that experience with Bronson, I was in a state of panic.”

“But obviously the way I acted towards (Bronson) wasn’t fair on him at all. He wasn’t aware that I was affected by my Mexico experience.

“He may have thought, ‘Oh, she’s just being rude and obnoxious’. He couldn’t see that it was a cry for help, but obviously no one expects to be spoken to like that.”

It's no secret Ines has copped flack for her behaviour on MAFS but according to the 28-year-old, she too feels she could have handled it differently:

“I get huge waves of hate, but I don’t really read it because they don’t actually know me,” she revealed.

“I think I could have been more open and gentle towards Bronson in situations.”

Bronson has also gone on the record with the podcast telling listeners:

“I don’t think anyone should bully anyone. I’m a big boy, I can take it,” he said.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

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Written By Ally Parker