MAFS Star Cyrell Unleashes Via Instagram Following Robbery

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"Some dirty dog..."

Thirtieth birthday parties are never without their fair share of drama.

Normally, this is all thanks to forgetting to eat pre-booze or an errant hook-up, for MAFS star Cyrell Paule, things got a little more malicious.

The (now) 30-year-old revealed via Instagram that her bday bash ended in robbery.

"Some dirty dog - you stupid animal I friggin' hate you - decides to go steal my clutch with my money in there and my car key," she said.

"Thanks to everyone that legit took the time to greet me happy birthday, like s***, blushing - well not so much with me as I've got dark skin. Except for that person that ruined my night and stole my clutch, I hope that when you use my money you end up s****ing diarrhea [sic] for the next two weeks. And you vomit it out of your mouth, I don't know."

Apart from having her purse stolen, it appears the party went relatively well.

MAFS stars Billy Vincent, Lauren Huntriss, Jules Robinson, Cameron Merchant, Heidi Latcham, Bronson Norrish, Ning Surasiang, Melissa Lucarelli, Dean Wells and of course, Love Island's Eden Dally, were all in attendence:

There was also that cheeky pash between Billy and Lauren so...

Image: Instagram / Cyrell Paule

Written By Ally Parker