MAFS rocked by bullying allegations scandal

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MAFS dinner party

Who do you think is in the wrong?

The latest update from the scandalous gift that keeps on giving – the cast of Married At First Sight - is that Justin (that kind of silent guy who took his “wife” on a date to his office) is accusing “the girls” of bullying because they called him and Dean out for their behaviour on boys’ night.

According to reports from The Daily Mail, Justin Fischer replied to the comment of an angry MAFS fan with his claim. He wrote:

“The girls did bully certain guys, which is not OK,” he is said to have written. 

The Mail has stated, however, that the comment appears to have since been deleted. 

While the reported comment is not directed at anyone in particular, it has been assumed that his words were directed at Charlene, who was the key (bad ass b*tch) instigator in the whole dinner party saga

Charlene slammed the men in the experiment for talking about “trading women like commodities”, and went hard at Dean and Justin in particular. 

She told Dean on the night of the explosive dinner party:

"To be honest I was pretty annoyed with some of the stuff that went on. I'm a woman and speaking on behalf of all women, I wouldn't be comfortable offering my wife to the rest of the men."

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Before bringing her attention to Justin:

"You don't trade women like commodities. You don't throw Carly under a bus, Justin, so you can push [her] out of the way and you can take Ash."  

Probably her sharpest comment came, however, when Justin complained that the night had been a “boring” one:

"Why is it boring?” She asked him. 

“Your marriage has ended tonight and you think it's boring? What the f**k is wrong with you?"

Charlene had absolutely no problem telling the guys that disrespecting women is never okay and while some would call that bullying, others might see it as holding men accountable for their actions. 

But, you know, people will draw their own conclusions. 

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