MAFS' Lauren says a producer made her say she 'used to be a lesbian'

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Lauren MAFS

"It wasn't dramatic enough."

Married At First Sight star Lauren Huntriss has taken to Facebook and claimed a producer forced her to say she "used to be a lesbian" during a conversation with 'husband' Matthew Bennett.

During the conversation, Lauren admitted to having relationships with women in the past, but the choice of wording was a little strange and viewers were not impressed by it:

We next saw Matt and Lauren having a conversation where she asked if he could be more dominant in bed, jokingly adding:

“How would you feel if I was into swinging? Threesomes?” 

“I just want to unleash the beast.”

Now, in response to a Facebook user, Lauren said:

"For the record, I never chose the word 'lesbian'.

"I initially said, 'I used to see women because I hated men when I was 18-20 due to something personal', but no it wasn't dramatic enough.

"So the producer made me say the word 'lesbian'."

"To clarify, I never was a lesbian. I had sexual experiences [with women] when I was 18 ffs.

"People need to get a life and stop believing all the bulls**t you watch and read."

She also said that the editing made her "look like nothing but a deadset nympho" adding she'd "been nothing but supportive and patient with Matt" in the four weeks leading up the conversation where she joked about the threesomes and swinging. 

Lauren also slammed Matt in comments on Instagram earlier this week after he told her he's "not attracted" to her on Wednesday night's episode.

She said:

"Unfortunately he's not capable of feelings... Since day one it was all about him. I was nothing but supportive and caring of him. This entire story was [Matt's] story. I'm sick of the excuses."

We're going to just assume that Sunday night doesn't go too well for Matt and Lauren...

Image: Channel Nine

Written By Marni Dixit