MAFS' Lauren Huntriss Claims She Was Forced To Shower In Front Of Producers

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Lauren MAFS


Former Married At First Sight star Lauren Huntriss has come out with shocking new claims about her time on the Channel 9 series.

Lauren posted a number of Instagram Story posts including a poll which asked:

"Would you be happy to have 4 men film a shower scene of you with nothing other than a small towel covering your parts?”

“This was just one of the many things I was forced to do. I won’t say anything more until the time is right,” a second Story read.

“But one thing you all probs know about me is I do not tolerate bullsh*t and if I believe something is ethically or morally wrong I will stand up against it. Ch 9 you picked the wrong girl.”

The news comes ahead of Channel 7's planned exposé of the series during current affairs programme Sunday Night.

Promos for the episode show 2016 MAFS contestant Clare Verrall describing herself as “completely ripped to shreds” after her time on the reality show amid claims she was never psychologically assessed for a match.

This isn’t the first time Lauren has spoken out about the series, previously explaining via social media that her comments about being “a lesbian” were forced.

“And for the record I never chose the word ‘lesbian’," she explained at the time.

"I initially said ‘I used to see women because I hated men when I was 18-20 due to something personal,’ but no it wasn’t dramatic enough so the producer made me say the word ‘lesbian’."

Nova has reached out to Channel 9 for comment.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker