MAFS’ Jules Shows Off Her Pre-Wedding Weight Loss And She Looks Completely Different

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"I've just been doing my thang day by day…"

It's been a hot minute since Married At First Sight and, as we all know, many of the participants don't have a happy ending. But for Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, there is one. 

Jules and Cameron are getting ready for their wedding and Jules has showed off her weight loss on Instagram. 

The reality star was announced as an ambassador for Weight Watchers in September, and has vowed to lose 10kg before walking down the aisle. 

"[Weight Watchers] has been so great. 

"I haven't obsessed about losing weight, I've just been doing my thang day by day and now seeing and enjoying the results!

"Why does it take a photo to make you see how far you have come?"

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This isn't the first time Jules has posted about her weight loss journey with Weight Watchers.

She revealed she lost 3kg after just four weeks of being on the program.

"I am more then [sic] my body, but I feel healthy which is great."

The pair will be tying the knot later this year, whichwill be reportedly aired on Channel Nine. 

Image: Network Nine

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