MAFS' Jessika Says Tamara And Mick Gave Their Blessing For Affair With Dan

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"It still does not give us any reason to do what we did."

Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has revealed she and Dan Webb received Tamara Joy and Mick Gould's blessing to have their affair while on the show, but we're not so sure. 

While appearing on Talking Married, Jessika explained:

"At the girls night, Tamara said, 'You like my husband? If you like Dan, go for Dan'. And Mick sat at the dinner table and said to Dan, 'If you like Jess, have her.'"

But I think we all know they didn't mean Jess and Dan could go behind their backs and have the affair, keeping Tamara and Mick in the experiment for no good reason. 

Jess added:

"It still does not give us any reason to do what we did."

"Watching it back, I cringe… seeing the deception being played out".

She also confessed to feeling "horrible about Tamara", saying, "I trashed girl code and I was disgusting."

However, to Jess it was all worth it with the reality star saying, "I'm definitely in love, yeah I definitely am."

"It's been reciprocated from Dan that he is also, and I think we fell really easily for one another. That was why I was able to take that step, I knew that I was hurting people… but I can't take it back because I feel that it was worth it."

The pair confirmed they were still together this week with an Instagram post that was mysteriously deleted soon after.

During the final commitment ceremony, we'll find out if the experts allow Jessika and Dan to stay in the experiment as a new couple.

Image: Channel Nine

Written By Marni Dixit