MAFS’ Jess Is Unrecognisable After $25,000 Worth Of Surgery, “But I Want More”

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So what else is on her wish list?

“The brow lift I had done because I suffer from bags under my eyes – a brow lift lifts the skin under the eye and takes away that look. I think I always looked tired on MAFS,” she told NW. 

She also revealed that she had her lips “dissolved” (which sounds painful AF) so that her cosmetic surgeon needed to “start from scratch before refilling them.”

Pictures of Jess from years ago show what looks like an entirely different woman:

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So what else is on her wishlist? 

For starters, her nose:

“Next, I'm getting a non-surgical nose job. I have a little bowl or dip at the end of my nose, so I'm going to fill my nose cavity and restore the shape,” she told NW.

She’s also planning on getting lipo-sculpture on her thighs and butt. 

“I'm not fat, but I'm not in the proportion I want to be in…  hit the internet looking for the fastest way to rectify the problem and came across Brazilian butt lifts. The results looked amazing.”

While her breasts are safe from the scalpel (for now) Jess says that she’ll “anticipate I'll want a breast lift after having kids – and maybe even breast implants as well.”

We hope she's a really savvy saver!

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