MAFS Intruder Susie Reveals The Reason She Named Her Daughter 'Baby'

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Susie Bradley has been on Married At First Sight for little more than a minute or two but she's already making waves - and not just 'cause she's been partnered with someone whom we can see is not going to be a good match.

Nope, the 25-year-old has also captured the attention of the 'net due to her daughter's name.

While we believe you can name your kid anything you'd like so long as it's all a happy experience (naming your child something that'll get them bullied or ostracised is a whole other matter), some social media users raised eyebrows at the Dirty Dancing homage.

Well, lower those brows friend, 'cause the 25-year-old has revealed the whole story to The Daily Telegraph:

"When I was in high school, I used to write a list of names I liked for my children and that was always on my list," she told the publication.

"Then when it came to naming our daughter, we just weren’t set on anything so one day I jokingly said to my partner at the time, 'we should just call her Baby,' and he agreed."  

While it sounds like the name was always meant to be for Susie, she admits there were some logistical issues:

"On her Medicare card it has her name, Baby, but then it has a full stop after it which signifies she’s not a baby, her name just is actually Baby," she explained.

Susie, along with fellow new contestants Billy, Tamara and Dan, is set to shake things up on MAFS this season as the world first intruders. While we were sad (and a wee bit relieved) to see Ines, Bronson, Sam and Elizabeth go, we're keen to see where things go with the newbies.

Image: Instagram / Susie Pearl


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