MAFS' Cyrell confirms there's a sex tape of husband Nic circulating the Internet

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MAFS boys

"Do you wanna watch it with me right now?"

Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule has confirmed she has been sent a video of 'husband' Nic Jovanovic engaging in a sex act on social media.

The reality star dropped the bombshell while appearing on Woman's Day's MAFS Confessional podcast on Wednesday, saying someone had sent her the video via direct message.

She said:

"I'm getting DM'd [direct messaged] right now a sex video of his."

She explained that the video wasn't "from the show" and "came from someone in Perth". 

When asked whether the man in the video was "definitely Nic" she responded: 

"Do you wanna watch it with me right now?"

However, during the conversation, another voice interrupts in the background and Cyrell hesitates, perhaps after being told to stop the conversation.

Channel Nine, has told Daily Mail Australia the interruption was simply a "private matter"

It comes after Cyrell yelled at Nic at Wednesday night's dinner party because he didn't offer to top up her drink like some of the other husbands did for their wives:

"You didn't even turn around and say, 'Darling, do you want a drink?'

"I see Cam [Merchant, Jules Robinson's husband] go off and talk to other people but then come up and say, 'Is everything OK, honey?'"

Nic didn't realise he'd done anything wrong, however, she then accused him of paying more attention to other women:

"It's the fact that you can sit there and talk to all these females and don't even say [to me], 'Babe, your glass looks half empty, let me top that up for you'."

We wonder if these two stay together post-experiment? 

Image: Channel Nine

Written By Marni Dixit