MAFS’ Cyrell And Elizabeth Are Feuding On Instagram

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Someone call an expert. 

Ex-Married At First Sight contestants Cyrell Paule and Elizabeth Sobinoff are on-screen and off-screen friends. 

Well, they were. The two ‘besties’ have been fighting pretty publicly on Instagram, taking to their personal accounts to share their own versions of the story. 

It all began on Cyrell’s account when she addressed the reason she and Liz originally stopped hanging out, claiming that it all had to do with money from a cancelled club appearance in Darwin.

Cyrell explained that her, Elizabeth, Dan Webb and Billy Vincent had been invited to a club appearance that was cancelled after a competing club booked Cyrell for a solo appearance. 

Cyrell then shared a bunch of text messages allegedly from Liz, telling Cyrell that she had to take a break from their friendship because she was angry that Cyrell had caused her to lose out on money.

“Why couldn’t you be proud of your friend when she was making more money than you, instead of giving her a hard time,” Cyrell explained on Instagram.

But that’s not all. Cyrell also hit out at Liz’s constant messages to her followers about female empowerment, calling Liz a hypocrite (and more). 


You can check out more of the above in Cyrell’s instagram story. 

Enter Liz with a clapback. 

She began by posting a series of cryptic quotes to her Instagram. 

“To the person with my name in their mouth. You hurt me. To the person using you, I hope their path with you is short lived… I hope this self destructive hype leaves you,” she wrote.

Liz then filmed her own explanation of events. 

“The first conversation I had with Eden [from Love Island] was to make sure he was going to treat her [Cyrell] right,” Liz said.

“It was all a publicity stunt at first and I didn’t want him taking her completely for granted. I wanted him to be good by her if they were going to do this publicity thing.”

Liz also claimed that she was fed up with Cyrell trying to stir up past drama, claiming that Cyrell would constantly call her to talk about other MAFS contestants, including Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis.

“Guys she gets really nasty about things. The way she’s spoken to me has been absolutely appalling,” Liz said.

Liz finished by sending a message to Jessika Power thanking her for her SUPPORT. You know what they say: one man’s enemy…

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She also shared screenshots of text messages sent to Cyrell. 

You can watch Liz’s full Instagram story on her page. 

We wish it ended there but that just ain’t the nature of the (reality tv contestant) game. 

Cyrell hit back at Liz AGAIN, defending her relationship with Eden and claiming that Liz is the one seeking fake publicity stunts.

“Don’t ever go around calling me a publicity stunt, you’re the biggest fake artist here,” she said. 

“One of the best things that has happened to me is getting rid of a b*tch like you.”


And here we were thinking MAFS was the end of all the drama. How wrong we were friends. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi