MAFS Bombshell: Producers Pushed For An Entirely Different Villain

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"She was told she could choose anyone…”

Well, well, well - haven't the producers of Married At First Sight received a beating this year? 

First, they came under fire when the public found out a number of participants were actors (Sam Ball, Mike Gunner and Billy Vincent). Now a source reveals to Woman's Day there was one particular contestant who was meant to be the villain in the show:

"Producers firstly asked Liz to be the villain and to be the one to cheat this year and asked if [there were] any other grooms she [would be interested in].

"She was told she could choose anyone and they would try to make it happen and they stressed how famous it would make her so she went along with it."

The source even said her "witch makeover" was intentional to make her persona more believable. 

"They changed her look up before filming to suit the character she would be playing.

"Her heavy winged eyeliner, dark lip and over-dramatic hand gestures were all intentional. She didn't look like that before the show and it's telling that she ditched the look as soon as the cameras stopped rolling."

However, tables turned during the show \ after Lizzie reportedly saw some of the footage and threatened to quit. Ines then became this season's antagonist, and what a ride that was...

"Ines was obviously a lot easier to crack and it wasn't as much of a stretch for Ines to be the villain.

"She was more capable than Lizzie, who they decided in the end was actually a better fit to fill the shoes of Tracey Jewel's 'strong, powerful woman' so they decided to run with that."

Image: MAFS/Channel 9


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Written By Christina Cavaleri