MAFS Bombshell: Jessika's Secret Boyfriend Revealed

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Apparently they've been dating the whole time.

Jessika has made serious waves on MAFS for cheating on her husband Mick - and forcing him to stay on the show - but it looks like the whole thing may have another level yet to be uncovered.

And by that we mean, she may have been off the market this whole time.

You see, Woman's Day report that Perth-based Jess has had a secret boyf all along back in WA.

The magazine report that Jess, 27, would fly back to Perth during breaks from filming in Sydney and see him "whenever she could".

"She would film then f**k me when she came back to Perth," one message from 'Steve' reveals.

The messages, from Snapchat, also refer to Jess as "fake" and a "cheater". 

"U [sic] cheated on me. Then on the show you cheated on your husband with another guy on then [sic] show."

And that's not all.

A friend of Mick's also told Woman's Day that he too suspected she was involved with someone.

"She told Mick she was going to a friend's house to visit her child, but she never came home," the publication quote the friend as saying.

"He later put the pieces together and realised she'd spent the night with another guy."

Will this show ever stop heating up the drama?

Doesn’t look like it.


Image: Instagram / Jessika Power

Written By Ally Parker