Maccas Launch Dairy Milk Caramello McFlurry And We're Not Worthy

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Year made.

Wow guys, just... wow.

It's what, April? And 2019 has already scored the best news of the year: Dairy Milk Caramello McFlurries.

Not only is it delicious-sounding, but it's also a great excuse to pull out our fave Simpsons gifs #greatdayallaround.

The McFlurry is lauded as a creamy vanilla softserve, topped with pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and an indulgent swirl of Caramello sauce.

AKA heavenly.

The treat is available from 3 April in stores and via the mymacca’s app but for a limited time only.

Image: McDonalds

Written By Ally Parker
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