Luke Toki To Host Survivor All-Stars Spin-Off Show

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The King Of The Jungle is back, baby!

Even though fan favourite Luke Toki wasn't on the all-star contender list, it doesn't mean we won't be seeing his face on our screens again. 

The King Of The Jungle will be back to host a new digital and social media show for Australian Survivor

Network 10 confirmed the news at their Upfronts in Sydney - where they discuss all the upcoming shows for the next year  - on Thursday, where they revealed all the exciting details about Survivor's new seasons.

According to Upfronts, we will be getting more than just an All-Stars season next year. 

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It's unknown as to exactly what Luke will be doing for Survivor, but all we care about is that he will be back on our screens. 

Australia fell in love with Luke all over again after the latest season and were devastated when Pia Miranda voted him out.

For those who missed it, the entire nation pulled together and donated a whopping $550,390 - more than the Survivor prize money - to help him and his family

The All-Stars line-up includes a  range of people from various seasons, including David from the latest season, Brooke and Phoebe from Season 2, Henry and Tarzan repping Season 3, and Mat from Season 4.

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It’s just cracked over $200K!

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Written By Christina Cavaleri