Louis Tomlinson Just Revealed A One Direction Reunion Is "Definitely" Going To Happen

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Louis Tomlinson just announced to the world that a One Direction reunion is “inevitable” are we are SHOOK. 

Tomlinson, 27, told ODE Entertainment that almost four years after 1D’s indefinite hiatus, a comeback is on the cards. 

“Yeah, I do think it’ll happen. And I’d certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t,” he revealed. 

“But I think it’s inevitable.”

Tomlinson, who is pursuing his own solo career, said that it’s not a question of “if” the boy band will reunite, but when the best time for all members would be, taking into account their individual career goals. 

“‘When?’ Is the big question. And that’s something that none of us really know the answer to at the moment,” the Back To You singer said. 

“I feel like, what’s most important is when we do get back together, we’re all on the same page and we all have done what we want to do individually.”

Tomlinson added, “I think that’s vitally important for when we get back. It’s just ‘when’ as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t know the answer to the question ‘When?’ yet.”

The singer then said that it will “definitely” happen, and that’s about where we fainted. 


2019 already seems to be the year of reunions after the Jonas Brothers got back together, so anything is possible!

Earlier in the year, Louis spoke to Smallzy all about his time in One Direction, and how different his solo career has been compared to the group.


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Written By Brynn Davies