Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently obsessed with collecting a super-weird and expensive item

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This one has us scratching our heads.

We may have stumbled across something that Leonardo DiCaprio likes more than having stunning model girlfriends half his age, and wearing baseball caps and sunnies wherever he goes.

According to Page Six, "art spies" at Art Miami reportedly spotted Leo checking out some - wait for it - dinosaur bones.

Apparently the Oscar-winning actor had his eye set on a $2.5 million skeleton of a 150-million-year-old allosaurus mother and its offspring.

Now the publication also reports that a buddy of Leo's says that the actor wasn't looking at dinosaur bones while he was in Miami, so we're not 100% sure if this is all true of not.

But for the sake of entertainment, let's assume that he was because this is just such an interesting story.

Plus, this isn't the first time that Leo has had his eye set on some super-expensive dinosaur bones.

Some people collect stamps but it seems like if you're someone like Leo DiCaprio, you collect dinosaur bones and skulls because, well, why not?

Leo DiCaprio shrugs shoulders

It was reported back in 2007 that fellow Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage outbid Leo on a 67-million-year-old skull of a tyrannosaurus bataar (which later turned out to be probably stolen).

As recently as 2017, Leo's dinosaur bone collecting streak reared its head again when it was revealed that Russell Crowe had bought a mounted skull of a mosasaur from none other than the Wolf of Wall Street actor.

Knowing all this about Leo's obsession with dinosaur skulls and bones, here's the big question: how many does he have?

According to Uproxx, who did some amazing napkin math in regards to this topic, the answer lies somewhere between many to just the one. 

But honestly, who really knows?

Having said that, maybe it explains why Leo ghosted Chris Hemsworth that one time. Perhaps he was too busy polishing his dinosaur bone collection to go have a beer with the Aussie star.

Image Credit: ROBIN UTRECHT/AFP/Getty Images


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Written By Alexander Pan