Lady Gaga just got a tattoo dedicated to A Star Is Born

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"What a drunk musical crisis."

In case you haven't noticed, Lady Gaga's role in A Star Is Born meant a huge deal to the singer. 

It was as if 100 people were in a room and only one believed in her. 

Well, Gaga definitely needed a reminder of some sort to remember this crucial moment in her career and she decided on a tattoo.

A giant back tattoo in fact. Lady Gaga debuted her new ink on Instagram on Valentine's Day. 

The long stem rose is a toast to the French song her character Ally sings during the Oscar-nominated film, “La Vie En Rose”.

Fun fact, La Vie En Rose is also the song Lady Gaga sang at a fundraiser where Bradley Cooper decided he needed Gaga to play Ally.

The rose was not the only tattoo Gaga got on V Day, she got music notes that spell out her name however it's not quite correct. The tattoo started with four lines however, she quickly got it fixed. 

"what a drunk musical crisis. 

"I studied music theory...that's what happens when u drink and tattoo."

It's definitely not a big ink stuff up like Ariana Grande's new tattoo. 

Image: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri