Lady Gaga Is Apparently Playing Bradley Cooper’s Love Interest In ‘Guardians 3’

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Marvel giving the people what they want. 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have made the world, well, gaga since the release of A Star Is Born

Their on and offscreen chemistry has been celebrated (more like fawned over) by critics and fans alike. Basically, everyone wants them to hook up in real life. 

When Bradley and girlfriend Irina Shayk broke up earlier this year, the internet went into a tizzy. 

Now, reports have emerged that Gaga will star alongside Bradley in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 as his love interest. 

Yes, that would mean she would be a CGI racoon but we’re still here for it. 

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An unarmed source told HollywoodLife, “there is a very strong possibility that Lady Gaga and Bradley will be working together again on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” 

“Only some cast names have been released, but the word is Bradley will reprise his role of Rocket Raccoon and Gaga will play his love interest.” 

The source went onto explain that the pair have been cast alongside each other because “audiences want them together and certainly everyone recognises that appeal, they’re box office gold together, it’s very likely that this will happen.” 

There’s no denying that. 

It’s no A Star Is Born 2.0 but it’ll do. 

Guardians 3 is currently set for release in 2021. 

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