Kylie Jenner’s Fans Are Convinced She’s Pregnant

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Baby #2, are you in there? 

Pretty much since the day Stormi popped out, Kylie Jenner's fans have been on the watch for tot number two.

After all, the 21-year-old has not been helping things in the slightest by baiting everyone with captions like, y’know, “baby #2?”.

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baby #2?

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Fans have cottoned on to an (actually quite solid) theory that she’s got one in the oven based on a number of recent Insta posts.

The ‘self-made’ billionaire has been sharing super loved-up pics with her firstborn, Stormi, saying that the tot has been “stuck to me like glue lately”. 

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my baby is stuck to me like glue lately

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Kylie then went on to share an adorable video of her telling her one-year-old "Girl! You've gotta do things without me!" 


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i love our little conversations

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Stormi’s clinginess has lead to fans theorising that baby number two may be on the way thanks to an old wives tale. 

According to folklore, babies and toddlers can ‘sense’ pregnancy and become extra clingy to their mothers as a result. 

Their baby-sensors are apparently extra powerful when the bub is of the opposite sex. 

A surprising number of mums have taken to the comments section to back up this theory with their own stories, even saying their own toddlers had sensed their pregnancy before they knew themselves.

Kylie has definitely been clucky AF lately.

For example, she decided to host an Instagram Live in the middle of getting her makeup done and casually discussed baby names.

As you do.

While she kept the top contender to herself (‘cause she’s totally saving it for numero dos) Kylie did reveal that Stormi could have been named Rose - a name popular for little old ladies and stupid women who won’t move the F over for young Leo. 

She also casually announced that she’s decided on a boy’s name:


So that’s that. Stormi is more cuddly than normal because her sixth sense knows she’s getting a little brother. 

She could also just be a normal 13-month-old baby and want lots of Mum time. 

Who knows? 

Written By Brynn Davies