Kylie Jenner Sparks Pregnancy Rumours With New Photo

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Kinda makes sense.

Instagram followers have officially switched from Kylie Jenner comment #1 (LB aka 'Like Back') to comment #2:


The reality TV star, 21, prompted the comment sharing an image of her new pink nails along with her other BFF (or is it 'only' now that Jordyn Woods has bowed out of the game), Heather Sanders.



"All I’m saying is.... that’s baby colors," wrote one user.

Others wrote, "All I see in this picture is that she's pregnant with a girl or boy???!!??" and "Kylie is pregnant I said it first."

Kylie's first born Stormi - who just celebrated her first birthday - has also been stuck to her "like glue" lately, which also prompted pregnancy rumours and recently revealed she has already decided on a future boy name.

But back to Stormi’s clinginess.

According to folklore, babies and toddlers can ‘sense’ pregnancy and become extra clingy to their mothers as a result.  Their baby-sensors are apparently extra powerful when the bub is of the opposite sex.  A surprising number of mums have taken to the comments section to back up this theory with their own stories, even saying their own toddlers had sensed their pregnancy before they knew themselves.

Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Written By Ally Parker

Accio wallet!

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