Kylie Jenner Reveals Stormi’s Favourite Food And We’re Not Surprised

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Billionaire taste for a billionaire’s baby.

Growing up in a billionaire household, you're bound to have a penchant for the fancier things in life. 

Stormi Webster is only one year old and already owns a mini Birkin and Chanel bag.

And her taste buds are equally as upper class.

Kylie Jenner recently appeared on Heather Sanders' vlog where they shared some Japanese dishes together and Jenner revealed Stormi's favourite food.

"Stormi loves sushi.

"I don't feed her anything raw."

Well, we're glad she saved that before it ended up becoming a Nobu-boo-boo.

Jenner said she often brings Stormi to the Kardashian/Jenner favourite Japanese hotspot where she dines on the classic dishes.

"She just loves edamame. They'll bring the whole thing of edamame. She will not stop until they're all gone.

"She'll eat a whole bowl of soy sauce rice."

We wonder what will be next on Stormi’s menu… Wagyu steaks? Caviar? Truffle?

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

Accio wallet!

And Twitter is loving it.

With great power comes great responsibility.