Kylie Jenner Is Expanding Her Makeup Empire And We’re Not Worthy

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Get ready for your 10 per cent Kris. 

People always say don't compare yourself to others. But, let’s be honest, that mantra isn't always easy to keep up, especially when scrolling on Insta.

If there's one person that you should definitely try to avoid comparing lives with, it's Kylie freakin' Jenner.

We mean the 21-year-old has already ticked off some pretty impressive life goals. 

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Start a makeup empire? Done.

Become the youngest billionaire in the world? DONE!

Yet there's no slowing this queen down. The "self-made billionaire" already has plans to expand Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin with Kylie Baby and Kylie Hair. Now, new reports reveal the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has trademarked nail and perfume ideas, according to The Blast. 

The publication reports the court documents say:

"The filing states that Kylie will be marketing a full line of nail-care products, including nail polish, nail polish remover, nail strengtheners and nail care preparations.

"She's also going to include artificial fingernail care preparations, artificial fingernails, and adhesives for attaching artificial fingernails."

TBH this really doesn't come as a surprise, in fact Kylie has been sticking her aggressively long nails in our feed for years. But you gotta hand it to her, this chick knows nail art. 

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tie dye & toe rings

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beach more worry less

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w/ tha vibessss

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How she does up her jeans though is still a mystery. 

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