Kris Jenner Snubs Kendall In Mother’s Day Post And It’s Awkward AF

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Like, literally forgot she exists.

Despite the fact Kris Jenner makes literal cash money off her six children - as their ‘momager’ - and, you know, birthed them, it would appear the Kardashian matriarch herself can’t keep track...

The mother-of-six recently shared a sweet AF tribute to her family on Instagram in celebration of Mother's Day.

The instacollage included Kris' mother Mary Jo and all of the Kardashian/Jenner children...or at least, that’s what we assume Kris thought. 

"Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful Moms out there, and to the women who are mentors and mother figures to someone special,” Kris wrote.

"To my amazing Mom MJ, I love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for raising me to be strong and independent and for loving me the way you do."

She continued with a message to her children:

"To my beautiful daughters who are moms, I am so proud of you girls and the mothers you have become.. my grandchildren are so blessed that God chose YOU to be their mommies.. I love you @kourtneykardash @kimkardashian @khloekardashian @kyliejenner... you are my heart#happymothersday."

Missing anybody, Kris?

Like, IDK...Kendall?

Maybe that's what happens when you name all your children with the same letter.

Considering she's the only member of the Kardashian clan who isn't a mother (and her brother Rob who has a kid but is excluded due to lack of ovaries etc.), we get why Kris might not have included Kendall in the post.

Kendall wasn't gonna let it slide completely, and left a cheeky comment on her mum's insta post. 

"I love you too Mom," she wrote.

It doesn't seem like Kendall is holding any grudges though, because later in the day she shared some old photos of Kris in her insta stories.

Don't feel too bad, Kendall -  all middle children can relate to being forgotten once or twice.

Or, you know, being called the dogs’ name.

Image: Instagram / Kris Jenner


Written By Chloe Arentz