Kim Kardashian’s Extreme Makeover Causes Fans To Mistake Her Identity

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Kim Kardashian’s has undergone countless transformations over the years, but nothing could have prepared us for this. 

The KUWTK star flabbergasted fans with an extreme new look for a KKW Beauty campaign. 

The snaps posted to Instagram show her sporting a platinum blonde do and some seriously statement eye makeup that has confused TF out of fans. 

suspicious GIF

The mega makeover launches KKW Beauty’s Sooo Fire Collection, which includes a metallic eyeshadow palette, eyeliners and glosses in burnt colours.

“The new Sooo Fire Collection by @kimkardashian features the ultimate glam essentials to create a gorgeous fiery look,” Kim captioned the snaps. 

But commenters were quick to voice their confusion over Kim’s extreme transformation.

“Wait, this is supposed to be Kim?” one user wrote, while many added sentiments such as “Who is this girl??? Kim?????!” and “I didn’t even realize this was a picture of you lmaoo…”

The campaign makeover is so extreme others totally mistook her identity. 

“Thats bebe rexha,” claimed one user. 

“Looks like Lady Gaga!!” mused another. 

We reckon she looks hot AF if you ask us. 

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Written By Brynn Davies

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