Kim Kardashian's new dress will hurt your eyes

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Sheer madness! 

Kim Kardashian has never been one to hide her body, but her dress choice for the E! People’s Choice Awards in LA takes it to a whole new level. 

Clearly inspired by her bedtime reading with baby Chicago she took a leaf out of optical illusion books and went with a sheer, mind-bending dress. 

The not-so-subtle pattern hints at what’s beneath the dress, complete with a little belly button and all. 

The whole thing begs one simple question:

Why does this feel weirder than seeing her nude shoot pics? 

The vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress sparked a huge response online, with comments on Kim’s Instagram ranging from “that pattern is making me dizzy” to “that dress is life”. 

Though Nicki Minaj was clearly a fan, as at the end of her speech for the album of 2018 award she said, “I wanna dedicate this award to Kim Kardashian’s a** in that dress.” 

No doubt this look will go down as another #iconic Kardashian moment, but I think we all know where she got her inspiration from… 

Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian, Getty / Todd Williamson, Daedalus Books, Giphy


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Written By Josella Bray