Kim Kardashian Just Released A New Makeup Line But It’s Not For Your Face

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@kimkardashian we’re confused. 

Makeup is a wonderful thing. 

It can make you feel ready to rock the world. 

It can cover up that giant zit in the middle of your forehead. 

It comes in every colour of the rainbow. 

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The Kardashians are beauty moguls and, given their position of influence, you’d hope they’d be dedicated to spreading the good word about body love and acceptance. 

But Kim Kardashian’s new makeup range crosses a line, guys. ‘Cause KKW Beauty is now making makeup for your body. 

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Posting on Instagram and Twitter, Kim announced the new KKW Beauty range which includes, USD$65 Skin Perfecting Body Make-Up Foundation, USD$50 Skin Perfecting Body Shimmer, and USD$39 Loose Shimmer Powder for Face & Body. 

Because apparently, we need to be ashamed of our bodies to the point of slathering ourselves in goop and power from head to toe. Cool. 

Thankfully, the internet did our dirty work for us and called out the complete and utter insanity that is foundation for your entire body.

Kim posted a video of her using her ‘body makeup’ on Twitter, explaining, “I use this when I want to enhance my skin tone or cover my psoriasis.”

Twitter couldn’t contain its amusement and let rip:

While others asked important questions about the products:

We’re all for a little touch up wherever you need it but Kim, think about the long-term effects of the trend you’re starting. 

Never again could we wear white. Skin-on-skin contact with other people would never be pleasant again. Bed sheets are shrivelling up in horror at the very idea. 

Also, it sets a pretty crappy precedent. 

Sorry (not sorry) Kim but this one’s a hard pass. 



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Written By Brynn Davies