Kim Kardashian Just Copped The Roasting Of A Lifetime

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Like, she's probably mostly ash now.

Look, it's not uncommon for Kim Kardashian (or any Kardashian/Jenner for that matter) to cop a roastin' on the internet.

Sometimes it feels like the gal can't step out of her house without someone taking offence.

And sometimes, she hands the opportunity to Twitter on a silver platter.

Like this post.

So innocuous, so self-promoting.

So easy to troll.

"My ultimate body perfecting secret is launching to @kkwbeauty on 06.21.19. Can you guys guess what it is?" she naively posted.

And the hounds (Twitter) were released:

Anyhoo, guess we can look forward to more KKW stuff on 21 June? 

That or a legit plastic surgery coupon code.

Watch this space.

Image: Getty

Written By Ally Parker