Kim Kardashian Has Gone Full Mermaid, Unveiling Ice Blue Hair

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Kim Kardashian Instagram

Or full Kylie? 

The Kardashian/Jenner clan don’t shy away from experimenting with different looks.  

(Then again, if we had a team of stylists at our beck and call we probs would too). 

Kim has been pretty much one for one with Kylie’s shape/colour-shifting looks, sporting neon green hair, tight braids and every length bob under the sun over the years. 

Most recently, she even tried cherry red on for size: 

Now she’s debuted a brand new ice blue style that absolutely screams mermaid (complete with the mermaid emoji for her caption). 


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We love the new look Kim, but we’ve defs seen it before. On your sister. 

Anyone else getting Kylie vibes?

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Ah well, she rocks it, and no woman owns a hair colour, right ladies? 


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Written By Brynn Davies

They look so alike!

"There’s no question they’re together.”

"She is a manipulator and it is time I tell her how it is."