Kim Kardashian "Doesn’t Have Time" To Tell North Her Pet Has Died

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"I don't have time for a dead hamster."

Explaining the concept of death is a tricky conversation no parent wants to navigate. It’s right up there with ‘The Talk’ and answering questions about drugs and alcohol *truthfully*.

Kim Kardashian has been thrust into such a scenario according to a sneak peek of Sunday’s KUWTK. 

The preview clip shows Kim on the phone to Khloe, when she’s interrupted by her assistant Michael who tells her North’s hamster, Blacktail, isn’t moving. 

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"Kim. The hamster hasn't been moving," Michael tells Kim. 

"So, you might want to go look at it."

"It's dead?" she responds, before sighing, "I don't have time for a dead hamster."

After confirming Blacktail has met his/her maker - by poking with a pen FYI -  Kim has to first break the news to Khloe, who bought the pet for North. 

"I don't know how I'm going to say, 'By the way, your hamster died,'" Kim confesses to Khloe, mindful that North will be home from school shortly. 

"... It's the first time she's, like, really, really, really loved an animal. More than her dogs! She's still into it and I don't know what to do."

"North is gonna be really, really upset. It's just not fair," she adds later in the confessional. "How do I go and explain this? Like, what do I do?"

"This is the kind of s**t I can't deal with. This is why you don't get someone a pet," Kim tells Khloe, berating her for purchasing the pet in the first place without Kim’s permission. 

"Don't ever do this to me again. I literally hate you."

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"Are you gonna get me killed too?" Khloe joked. 

Rest in peace, Blacktail West. We hope you’re happy in hamster heaven. 


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