Kim Kardashian catches Kanye ogling Rihanna in new viral clip

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A newly unearthed vid from the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards is going bananas on social media right now and whether you're a Kim/Kanye fan or not, we think you'll enjoy it.

The snippet shows a now 41-year-old Kanye gazing at Rihanna before awkwardly being caught by Kim who was filming over her shoulder.

"See how fast Kim stoppped snapchatting when she caught Kanye eying up rihanna," wrote one Twitter user.

"I want someone to look at me the way Kanye looks at Rihanna," said another.

I wonder what he was looking at?

Maybe it was the super high-top boots (much fashun!)?

RiRi's blunt fringe?

The purple fur stole that may or may not be real?

Who can say.

It was at these same awards that Kanye announced he would run for president which, if you've been tracking him on Twitter was obviously a flitting fancy.

Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian


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