Kim K Just Unfollowed EVERYONE On Instagram And The Internet Is Screaming

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Even her fam have been dropped

Everyone’s favourite reality star/Instagrammer/future lawyer, Kim Kardashian has unfollowed everyone on Instagram. And we mean, EVERYONE. Even her family, friends and the brands she works with.

It’s got the internet - and us - wanting to know why???

Is she launching another new project?

Is she Marie Kondo’ing her Insta feed (we need to do that sometime)?

Has she been hacked?


It turns out that she is just as confused as everyone else. Kim found out the news on Twitter from a worried fan.


“OMG what???? What’s going on????”


Then the news dawned on her and she realised “I have to remember everyone I followed now and add everyone”.

Complete. Nightmare. We feel your pain Kim, we have no idea how we’d remember who we’re following either.

As of writing, she’s managed to re-follow 70 people, including her own app, her fam and Paris Hilton.


It looks like their feud is officially off.

Good luck with sorting out your Insta Kim. If you wanted to chuck us a follow, we wouldn’t be mad.


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