Khloe Kardashian Trolled Kendall’s New Hair And Her Response Is Peak Little Sister

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ICYMI, Kendall Jenner dun gone and ruined her hair by dying it the dullest shade of mouse brown ever mixed by a blind hairdresser. 

Here’s a pic for reference. 

Turns out half-sister Khloe Kardashian has ~thoughts~ about Kendall’s new ‘do, and not all of them are nice. 

Responding to a fan who asked Khloe’s opinion on blonde Kendall, Khloe wrote:

"She’s so perfect either way!!!!!! I mean now she looks exactly like me" while casually plugging her Twisted Sisters show.

To be fair, there are similarities for sure. 

Catch up on the latest Smallzy’s Surgery podcast:

Kendall’s response is a major LOL and the ultimate little sister clap back: 

“You wish bitch,” she replied on Twitter. 

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Written By Brynn Davies