Khloe Kardashian Invited Tristan To True’s Party And Awkward Doesn’t Cut It

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“He doesn’t even go here.”


We’re gonna call for a round of applause for Khloe Kardashian being an absolute class act by inviting her cheating ex-boyfriend to their daughter’s birthday party. 

‘Cause it would have been perfectly understandable for the spurned Kardashian to ‘accidentally’ lose Trist’s invite in the mail. Even more understandable if she threw a giant bowl of jelly on him. 

But maybe that’s just our fantasy? 

KoKo’s icy-blue dress was damn appropriate attire - she embodied ‘ice queen’ when it came to her ex’s presence. 

Case in point: this video of Tristan trying for a family photo.

Khloe doesn’t even go so far as to give him a death star - just completely 100 per cent blanks him.

All frostiness aside, Khloe actually conceded and allowed Tristan to hold baby True while the party sang happy birthday. But she didn’t post evidence of his presence on the ‘gram so… was he even really there?

The temptation to throw cake over her cheating ex must have been REAL, but Khloe shows zero signs of discomfort. 

Anyhoo, Khloe, we applaud you. 

Image: Instagram


Written By Brynn Davies