Kendall Jenner Has Gone And Ruined Her Hair

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Oh no baby, what is you doing?

Kendall Jenner has never really gone and dramatically changed her ~lewk~.

As a true profesh model, Kendall doesn't have the same free rein as her siblings. With just their own personal brands to flaunt, it's no biggie if Khloe or Kylie go platinum or heck, go for a bob cut. But Kendall has money to make and shows/magazine spreads to book.

So the time was ripe for Kenny to switch things up.

Only thing is, it's aggressively average.

Peep it below:

Strutting for Burberry at London Fashion Week, Kendall debuted what we can only hope is a transition shade or some kind of new wig that is so realistic it appears to be the real deal. 

Pls Kendall. Pls.

Catch up on the latest Smallzy's Surgery podcast (post continues):

Between this and Stranger Things' fave Joe Keery, hairdressers have some serious explaining to do...

Image: Instagram / Kendall Jenner

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