Keira Maguire slams Bachelor In Paradise for the most random reason

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Keira Maguire

It's the second time this week she's taken aim at the show's producers. 

Keira Maguire has taken to Instagram to slam Bachelor In Paradise for posting the “worst photos ever” on the show’s official account.

On Thursday, Keira commented on a post they uploaded, which showed the cast’s reaction to the crazy rose ceremony that took place on Wednesday.

A fan asked her what’s wrong with them and she responded, “They are the worst action shots. Swipe to look, everyone looks bad.”

To be honest, we kind of agree! 

It’s not the first time Keira’s disliked Channel Ten’s promo shots for the show. Last month a shot of her wearing a pink dress was removed after she commented on it, “I hate this pic of me.”

Keira Maguire

Earlier this week she also took a swipe at the producers of the show for not showing the real reason she fought with American intruder Grant

In an Insta Story, which she later deleted, she said, “I’m a little bit pissed off about that episode,” adding the producers “missed out a few things” like the fact Grant pulled her aside and “abused her” about her decision to send Daniel home. This was at a point when no cameras were around, hence why we didn’t see it.

“And he goes out of his way and was not only telling Jarrod that I didn’t like him, but he said to Jarrod that I didn’t like kissing him.” 

“They didn’t show that, which really upsets me because that was the thing that really annoyed me. I’m just so upset that they didn’t show what actually happened.” 

"It made me look like I was overreacting about something and it just, I don't know, it really annoys me.”

In another post, she added, “Worst edit ever – who ever edited that ep. Should be fired.”

This makes sense considering Blake Colman revealed a whole romance between him and Megan Marx was cut. 

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