Keira Maguire Claims The Fijian Resort Where Bachelor In Paradise Is Filmed Is 'A Dump'

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Keira Maguire

"The place looks good on TV but it's a dump."

Mango Bay Resort in Fiji is made to look like a luxurious resort on Bachelor In Paradise, but former contestant Keira Maguire has revealed it's "a dump".

Speaking on The Buzz podcast with Big Brother's Mikkayla Mossop, Keira said, "It's 40 degrees, they've probably all got Fiji belly, I'm not joking."

"Because the place looks good on TV but it's a dump."

Mikkayla mentioned the whole cast looks so good-looking on TV, adding, "There is no photoshopping on TV."

Which is when Keira responded saying they managed to look good considering their less-than-stellar surroundings.

"Yeah, if they're looking good in the situation, then they must be good looking."

Daily Mail has previously reported the bad reviews the four-star resort has earned on TripAdvisor with one person rating the hotel one star out of five, adding, "DO NOT STAY HERE!" 

"If you are wanting a honeymoon or a luxurious stay in Fiji, AVOID Mango Bay like the plague, you will feel extremely disappointed."

They added that the staff were rude and the food and WiFi were poor. 

Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who will be on the island for the show include Richie Strahan, Alex Nation, Brooke Blurton, Cass Wood, Cat Henesy, Vanessa Sunshine and Rachael Gouvignon.

Bachelor In Paradise is believed to air in early April on Channel Ten.

Image: Channel Ten

Written By Marni Dixit