Katy Perry Found Guilty Of Ripping Off Christian Rap Song

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Can you hear it?

In a case of Turnitin-meets-Judge Judy, Katy Perry has been found guilty of plagiarising her 2013 hit song Dark Horse from a Christian rap song.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the jury favoured petitioner Marcus Gray, AKA Flame, who said that Katy had copied elements of his original work Joyful Noise. Specifically, Marcus also argued that producer Dr Luke ripped his song’s primary beat. 

Don’t believe it? Check it out: 

Solicitors for both Katy and Dr Luke argued that they had never heard of Marcus’ song and don't listen to Christian rap either, but the musicians doth protest too much, wethinks. 

Katy’s lawyer Christine Lepera told the jury that songwriters have the right to use the underlying beat as it was “commonplace”, saying to the Associated Press:

"They’re trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone,” she said. 

The verdict means that Katy will be paying a hefty fine in the future for damages caused, with the exact buckaroonies to be decided in upcoming court proceedings. 

And you’ll be darn tootin’ Katy and co will be forking out the cash after she received lots of love for her hit single. Dark Horse spent four weeks at the top of the Billboard charts, as well as receiving a Grammy nomination for the album Prism

Image: Amanda Edwards / Getty

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Written By Izzy Cuyuca