Kate Middleton Wore Shorts For The First Time In 8 Years And Exploded The Internet

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She broke royal protocol and whipped her pins out.

So Kate Middleton wore shorts, big freakin' deal right? WRONG.

The Duchess of Cambridge just broke royal protocol to get her pins out in public for the first time in eight years and YAS KATE YAS. 


But also - eight years? Can you imagine not feeling the wind on your thigh region since 2011? 

Thanks to royal protocol, Duchesses simply ~don’t~ wear shorts to fancy public events, and the King’s Cup Regatta (a very posh boat race) that she and William were attending defs counts. 

Getty/Samir Hussein/Contributor

We are HERE for this vibe, Kate, and so it Twitter:

The last time the Duchess was seen wearing shorts in public (yellow ones, bless) was in September 2008 for a Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Party in London. 

While you’re letting the idea of a royal rollerskating around a rink to ABBA, feast your eyes on her outfit: 

Getty/Danny Martindale/Contributor

Love this for her. 

Feature image: Getty/Brendon Thorne/Stringer


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Written By Brynn Davies