Kaley Cuoco And Hubby Karl Cook Living In 'Different Locations'

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Well, this is unexpected. 

Today in Hollywood, we're hearing some pretty surprising news about Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and her husband. 

In a recent interview with E! Cuoco revealed that she and her man, Karl Cook, are not living in the same house. But before you go running for the tissue box, know that this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

Speaking to the outlet, she revealed that their relationship is far from traditional, but it works for them.

"We have a very unconventional marriage," she said. 

"you know, we have different locations that we are at a lot. We are not together every single day. 

"I think personally it's important and it works well for us." 

Although they're living separately right now, however, that is only temporary. The pair are in the process of building a home together that they plan on living in... together.

"We are building our dream house, we are going to be under the same roof forever," Cuoco said. 

The couple celebrated their one year anniversary in late June, and are just as cute as they were on their big day. 

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