Justin Bieber's New Piercing Proves He Has Time-Travelled To 2001

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The stans are divided.

Justin Bieber stans are divided after their idol sported a new look. 

The singer is now walking around LA thinking it's the early 2000s with an eyebrow piercing and diamond grills. 

Because apparently we needed more confirmation that the kid is filthy rich. 

If you spend a few seconds scanning the comments, you'll see that the fans are undecided. One side apparently think they have ownership rights over Justin's face and he's not allowed to change anything.

With some saying thing like, “WTF has happened to him,” “Why would he get an eyebrow ring,” “Get this off my timeline,” and “He really thought he did something with that lmao.” 

But the more rational side are sending positive vibes with flame emojis and comments like:


Image: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri