Justin Bieber Slams Fans For Accusing Him Of Lip-Syncing

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Ariana Grande pulled out all the stops for her Coachella gigs inviting NSYNC, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and more to take the main stage with her.

Any pop fan would be squealing at the sight of any of these acts up on stage with Grande. However, they weren't too happy with The Biebs and his reported lip-syncing. 

Even E!'s Nightly Pop host Morgan Stewart joined in on the public Bieber slamming:

Look, we understand a backing track is pretty common these days for live concerts but we still expect them to actually sing. Or at the LEAST hold the mic up to their mouths so it looks like they're singing. 

The Biebs was quick to clap back at the criticism naming Stewart a bully:

Grande then attempted to defuse the situation explaining what happened and why there was a backing track in the first place:

Even more proof as to why Grande is the best friend anyone could have. 

Image: Getty Images / Kevin Mazur / Contributor


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Written By Christina Cavaleri