Justin Bieber Crashes Hailey Baldwin Live Stream And OMG

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And little bit nakey.

Justin Bieber showed us just how much he loves his wife Hailey Baldwin when he made an appearance on her Instagram on Sunday.

And our hearts can’t take it.

The Instagram live video was part of a plug for sportswear brand Roxy, with whom Hailey is a brand ambassador.

While waiting for fellow ambassador and pro surfer Kelia Moniz to join the stream, Justin graced the audience with an unannounced cameo.

Hailey spoke about how much she loves the new Roxy collection and working with Kelia, when Justin who was literally SHOWERING HER WITH KISSES like it was a casual thing interrupted to say:

“And you love me!”

Hailey’s response?

“And I love you more than anyone!”

Cue the collective crying of Beliebers everywhere.

In summary, there was a bit of giggling, some PDA and A LOT of feels.

After seeing his former guitarist was watching the live, Justin messed around with a little made-up tune about the former band member.

And in case you were wondering – yes, he can definitely still sing.

Justin even dropped viewers a quick pec shot  but Hailey  was quick to claim her territory.

“Stop showing people your body, it’s for me!”

Can you really blame her?

Some other highlight moments include where Justin told the audience what he had for breakfast.

“I had some gluten free toast. And eggs.”

Information we didn’t know we needed but are weirdly grateful about? 

A big jealous thank you to Instagram, Roxy and Hailey Baldwin for giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to be Mrs. Bieber.

And a not-so-casual screw you too.

Image: Justin Bieber / Instagram, Giphy.

Written By Chloe Arentz