Jules and Cameron revealed nick-names for each other and our hearts have melted

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Could they get any cuter?

If you ask us Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant are rock solid. 

We know, it’s not hard to be rock solid when all you have to compare them to are the slightly (uh, very) unstable other couples on the show. 

But we really do believe in this Married At First Sight duo. 

Jules and Cam had chemistry from the get go and have carried it through this season of MAFS. 

We’re shipping them. Hard. 

And given the mess most of the other couples on the show have found themselves in (@Ines), we welcome any and all good news. 

Even if it is so grossly cute you think you might vom. 

So when Jules and Cam spoke to Nine Honey about cute couple things we were all for it.

"I call Cam, "My Little Cub,” Jules told the publication. 

“Cubby” as in “hubby”. We get it, we like it. 

She went on to explain that he “reminded me of a little cub and yeah, so he's "My Little Cub" and it stuck and that's his name now.”

Cam doesn’t have a nickname for his wifey but does have an equally cute name for her in his phone. 

“When she calls my phone she comes up as "My Gorgeous Wife”," he told Nine Honey.

All together now: 

The cute names follow reports the couple are engaged IRL

And if they haven't made things legit in the real world then we’re pretty sure they’re headed that way because you can’t fake that kinda chemistry, man. 

Julez hearts C@m 4Eva. 

Images: Jules Robinson / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 



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Written By Krisinda Merhi