Jordyn Woods Trolled For Embarrassing Photoshop Fail

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Did she think we couldn’t tell?

Jordyn Woods seems to have really turned herself around after the cheating scandal. 

She moved out of Kylie’s house, will make her acting debut on Grown-ish, is travelling the world running her businesses, and just launched a women’s fitness clothing label called Secndnture.

But despite her upward swing, the new fitness guru - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - can’t escape the fire and ire of the ‘net with fans claiming the 21-year-old Photoshopped a thigh gap.


Trolls became fixated on the thigh gap after comparing her recent bikini photo to others on her Instagram. 

“Its [sic] definitely edited. So many obvious reasons it is. Filter, skin smoothing and the perfect thigh gap circle 100%. Compare it to previous bathing suit pictures,” one person commented. 

“Anyone else notice the photo shopped [sic] right hip????” another wrote. 

“Agree.. fake thigh gap looks silly... if you look at her other photos... it’s obvi she doesn’t have a thigh gap... but that’s what the world does to women... makes everyone think they need a thigh gap to be pretty and they don’t... but if that’s what she wants to do and alter in a thigh gap and it makes her feel good then who are any of us to judge,” one fan reasoned. 

Others jumped to her defence: 

"Jealousy is a disease," one commenter retorted, while another quipped: "Scientific studies have shown when you don't take enough rest you start writing stupid sh*t online.. take care of your mind girl.. you're bored, take long nap."

Now, to be fair, the doctoring of images online has been proven to lower women’s self-esteem and is overall, deemed by professionals to be damaging.

But at the end of the day? Be nice to each other online and in life, everyone. 

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Written By Brynn Davies