Jordyn Woods Reportedly Hooked Up With Another Of Khloe Kardashian's Exes

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Jordyn Woods

"It does show now that Jordyn has a history of omitting facts and crossing lines.”

Guys, the plot is thickening in the whole Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson scandal with reports Jordyn reportedly hooked up with another of Khloe Kardashian's exes once upon a time. 

Us Weekly reports Jordyn previously hooked up with James Harden who was with Khloe for less than a year. 

A source told the magazine:

“Jordyn did hook up with James Harden after Khloé dated him first.”

However, they also added that the reality star was “not with him at the time.”

Khloe and James met at Kanye West's birthday party in 2015, but called it quits in early 2016. 

The insider added that Khloe knew about Jordyn and James' hook up:

“Khloé knew that that happened before this Tristan Thompson fiasco. That’s not news to her.” 

“It wasn’t an issue at the time, but it does show now that Jordyn has a history of omitting facts and crossing lines.”

Another source told the publication that Jordyn "denied" hooking up with James after Khloe "confronted" her at the time. 

Yet another insider told Us that Jordyn actually made a "preemptive call" to Khloe the morning after she hooked up with Tristan, saying she stayed over at his house "to make sure none of the girls stayed over". 

Soon after, Khloe learned the truth and confronted her about it. Jordyn initially denied it happened but she "eventually broke down and admitted that the hookup happened". 

Jordyn is set to tell her side of the story on Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk which will air early Saturday morning. 

Meanwhile, Khloe has thanked her fans for their support on Twitter:

We cannot wait to see what Jordyn says in her interview!

Image: Jordyn Woods/Instagram


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