The Jonas Brothers Just Announced Their Debut Album And The Cover Shows Off Their Bums

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Let the countdown begin. 

We've been jamming to Jonas Brothers bangers for years. 

When we were 15 years old and boy obsessed we would jump around our bedrooms and serenade a poster of our favourite JoBro with a very off key rendition of When You Look Me In The Eyes

When we were 18 we blasted Year 3000 as we drove down the highway at full speed. 

And now, at 20-something years old, Love Bug is still our all time favourite. 

Despite all the hit tracks and being one of the biggest boy bands in the world, The Jonas Brothers never released an album. They had a bunch of successful singles and EPs but not one official album. 

Friends NBC Okay, Right, Hmm, Shocked, Shook gif

It’s taken a seven year break-up and two new hit singles for the band to FINALLY give the fans what they want. 

The brothers took to Instagram to share the news of their upcoming album:

The official release date of the album is June 7. It’s only about five weeks away, but that’s basically a lifetime in fangirl time. 

The only thing getting us through tbh is the fact that we get to stare at the album artwork (read: three fine Jonas backsides) for five weeks in anticipation. 

The Jonas Brothers haven’t released the track list for the album but, judging by it’s title, we think it’s gonna be full of some pretty feel-good fun songs.

Our prediction of song titles include: 
Sucker (obviously) 
Love Bug revamped feat. Miley, Demi and Selena
Year 6000 
Meltin’ down 

Images: Jonas Brothers/ Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.


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Written By Krisinda Merhi